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  • Minister Morgan’s visit to the Centre for Curriculum Assessment and Teacher Support (CCATS)

    12-Jan-2017  - Minister Morgan, the Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, continued with his tour within the headquarters which he started late last year by visiting the Centre for Curriculum Assessment and Teacher Support (CCATS) in the afternoon on Thursday 9th January 2017, where he held a meeting with the staff responsible for the development of curriculum and the provision of support to teachers in schools.  Accompanying the Minister on his visit was the Principal Secretary for Education Dr Odile Decomarmond, and Mr Alex Souffe, Advisor to the Minister.



    The aim of his visit was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the functions of the Curriculum Section of CCATS and the challenges it faces in discharging its duties with regards curriculum development and school support. The minister stressed that there is a need to improve the quality of education further so as to raise learning outcomes across all key stages.  He also wanted to familiarise himself with the physical setting of the Section.


    As part of the visit a short meeting was held with the staff.  During that meeting, the Minister expressed his concern to the downward trend in students' attainment which evidently, does not commensurate with the allocated budget.  In the light of his concerns, the Minister drew the staff's attention to what is expected of them to bring about positive change and marked improvement at all levels of the Ministry.  In the short term, members were asked to continue to work as a team to improve quality, whilst his long term vision for education requires an in-depth feasibility study so that informed decisions could be taken to bring about positive changes at all levels in the education system in terms of discipline and attainment.


    Members were also given the opportunity to voice out certain challenges they face and their views on how quality could be achieved at all levels in the education system.  Their invaluable contributions are being compiled for their endorsement and necessary action.


    On the whole, staff members were very optimistic with the Minister's vision and were ready to vow their support to the anticipated change.


    The next series of visits within headquarters will cover the two other sections of CCATS – the Assessment Section and Extra Curricular Activities Section and Policy Planning and Research Division, and the Education Student Support Services Division.