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  • Parents Meeting prior to the Re-opening of Glacis School

    ‚ÄčOn Tuesday 12th January at 4:30 pm the Ministry of Education organized meeting with the parents of the Glacis school children in preparation for the re-opening of the school at the start of the 2016 school year.  The meeting was chaired by the Minister for Education, Mrs. MacsuzyMondon.  She was accompanied by the Principal Secretary for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary schools, Mrs M Delcy, Principal Secretary for Tertiary Education, Policy Planning and Administration and Administration, Dr L Barallon, Director General for Schools, Ms O Octave, Consultant for the construction of the school, Mr J Belmont and the new head teacher for Glacis school, Mrs V Preira.

    The main purpose of the meeting was to provide information to the parents and to give them an opportunity to share their concerns and seek clarifications.


    The chair started off by welcoming the parents to the meeting and wished them a Happy New year 2016 before expressing her sincere gratitude to them for having been so coorperative, understanding and supportive over the past four years, while the school was being constructed.

    She acknowledged the difficulties that they and their children may have faced by travelling to BelOmbre.

    The newheadteacher, Mrs Vivienne Preirawas introduced to the parents, Mrs. Preira had previously been the headteacher of Glacis school for two years. The information shared with parents included the: commencement of term; staffing; logistics with regards to transfer from BelOmbre to Glacis; and the facilities available in the new school.

    All Members of the Glacis community, especially parents were urged to give their continued support and coorperation to the school in order to help create aconducive teaching and learning environment so that our children could continue to succeed in their studies.

    Minister expressed her appreciation to the new headteacher of the school,and to BelOmbre schoolheadteacher and staff and the community for being so accommodating and supportive to the staff and children of Glacis school for the past 4 years.

    They also wished everyone present a pleasant and prosperous 2016 before they were invited to tour the new school.